RIM Mass Production

Low pressure injection is also known as Reaction Injection Molding (RIM). This is a new technology implemented to fabrication of rapid prototyping. After mixing the two components PU, inject the mixture into rapid prototyping mold under room temperature and low pressure. After polymerization, cross-linkage, and curing chemical reactions, physical part will be formed. High efficiency, short production cycle, simple process and low cost are the advantages of low pressure injection, which is suitable for small batch production, simple structural parts, large parts, even or uneven wall thickness parts verification.

The material of RIM mass production is the dual injection process PU8636, a high performance, part is durable, high impact, high degree of fit, loading and unloading properties PU material for automotive exteriros and interiors, medical device housings and other big size equipments housings. The max. size of RIM mass production process is 2000mm X 1200mm X 1000mm,weight is 10Kg. All RIM process parts can do post finishing such as paintng, plating, printing and so on.

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