Quality Assurance

General Quality Inspection

We make precision high quality prototypes with consistent high quality; we have in house advanced inspection measuring and testing equipment to check all incoming raw materials and finish prototyping parts.

ISO Certificates

We are proud to be certificated by ISO9001. We make and inspect prototypes by following these quality systems and we commit to improve our quality continuously.

Mechanical Tolerances and Visual Quality Standards

We make low cost prototypes based on the 3D files provided by clients, for mechanical quality checking, we follow 2D drawings with specified tolerances; if without 2D drawings, we will use our general tolerances: SLA: ±0.15/100mm precision; CNC: ±0.1/100mm precision; VACUUM CASTING : ±0.2/100mm precision; RIM : ±0.2/100mm precision. The best precision tolerance can be H7/h7, H6/h6, or even higher by applying precision grinding and wire cutting. Please let us know your tolerances if specified.

For visual quality standards, we inspection the finish textures based on SPI/VDI/MT standard, color matches and consistence according to RAL/Pantone color code, any bigger dots, scratches, burrs, flashes are not allowed

Key Inspection

As one of the leading rapid prototyping company in China, we do key inspection under rules and instructions according to our ISO quality system flow chart and department response.

Our Incoming quality check

The incoming quality check for prototype materials is a little different from the mass production incomings, for the general using materials such as plastic ABS, PC, ABS/PC, PMMA, we keep these material in different block thickness and widely used colors in stock always, so that can shorten the material purchasing time then to reduce the total lead time, for these materials, we have stable material supplier, we inspect the dimensions and appearance check, some will proceed the functional check to ensure the incomings are correct. For metal materials, we have metal elements tester to check each combination of such material is correct, and then we will check the size and appearance too.

BP Input Process Quality Control

The process control is very important for parts during machining especially the high precision machining and grinding parts. The precision of the parts are not only related to the precision requirement of the machines and CNC programming, when finish machining of one face, we will proceed process inspection for the key dimensions first, if no problem will continue to the second face machining, then repeat the process again until the whole part finish machining.

BP outgoing quality control

This is the most important inspection step for the prototypes and parts, as after this step, the parts will be delivered to clients. Our full experienced outgoing quality control inspector does the inspection based on client’s 2D drawings within tolerances and 3D files structures confirm. With such inspection, there might be inspection tools of CMM machines to confirm the precision details, once all dimensions and appearances are passed, the parts can be shipped; otherwise, the production project manager will check the defects and check if the deviation are acceptable or not along with QC manager. All of these procedures are recorded in order for future checking. The quality theme of our QC department is to pursue zero customer complaint each month.

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