CNC Plastic Machining

CNC Plastic Machining is used to create plastic prototypes, which allows your design team to closely simulate the final product appearance and function. Material of plastic prototype can be ABS, PC, PA, PP, PPS, POM, PMMA, PTFE, Bakelite, Renshape, Graphite, etc.

With more than 20 years of experience, BP Rapid is your reliable supplier for perfect CNC Precision Machined parts. BP Rapid is equipped with more than 20 High Precision High Efficiency 3 Axis CNC VMCs (Vertical Machining Centers). Our professional CNC Technicians provide services all day every day, consigning your projects with the correct materials and processes and offering alternative solutions when needed.

CNC Aluminum Machining

Apart from machining plastic components, BP Rapid also offers metal CNC machining, Material of plastic prototype can be aluminum, aluminum bronze, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper or brass, etc.

CNC Aluminum machining is a subtractive manufacturing process where raw material is removed with a variety of precision cutting tools to make a part or product. Advanced software is used to control the equipment according to the specification of your 3D design. Our team of engineers and machinists program the equipment to optimize cutting time, surface finish and final tolerance to meet your specifications.

SLA & SLS Machining

At BP, we provide multi-faceted 3D printing services including Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). they are the quick, easy and cost-effective way to turn great ideas into successful products.

Vacuum Casting Process

Vacuum Casting Process(also known as polyurethane casting) can be used to closely simulate final injection molded parts or finished products. Generally, molds are made from silicone rubber and use a CNC or SLA part as a master pattern. These molds duplicate details and textures and give consistent finishes from one part to the next. You can get production-like results including mechanical properties, colors, and finishes.

Rapid Injection Molding

Low volume prototype is the best way to save time and cost for testing form and fit as well as preliminary market test, but anyhow it cannot match the final finish and function effect of the injection molded plastic parts. When your production tooling won’t be ready for months, rapid injection molding (also known as prototype molding or soft tooling) then is a great option for you to receive parts quickly with less cost.

we specialize in rapid molds of both aluminum and steel and low-volume plastic molding. With technical experience in injection molding, rapid tooling, CNC machining, EDM processing, and specialty finishing, we ensure your parts meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Finish Painting&Anodizng&Plating

At BP, we can provide painting, laser etching, laser cutting, chrome plating, anodizing and power coating on plastic prototypes and metal prototype.

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