Vacuum Casting Process

Vacuum Casting Process(also known as polyurethane casting) can be used to closely simulate final injection molded parts or finished products. Through vacuum casting, you can make small volume parts in a fast and cheap way. 

Generally, molds are made from silicone rubber will use a CNC or SLA part as a master pattern, after finish the master, will start to make the silicone mold, each silicone mold can make about 12~15 casting parts. These molds duplicate details and textures and give consistent finishes from one part to the next. You can get production-like results including mechanical properties, colors, and finishes through vacuum casting process.

The materials that we used are international noble materials made from Heicast or Axson, these polyurethane casting materials have great properties and performance to ensure the casting parts to run in a good way when using as first batch samples in market. We can also casting the parts directly with the custom colors, and also do post finishing such as painting, metallized, printing on the casting parts to make them look like same as finished products.

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