Low volume CNC manufacturing for aerospace aluminum seats

Services: 3 axis CNC, 5 axis CNC, EDM, wire cutting, rapid CNC aluminum machining, sheet metal bending

Materials: Aluminum 6061-T651, Aluminum 7075-T7, Aluminum 5052-H32, steel 17-4 PH

Color: Regular machine finish, clear anodized, passivation

Quantities: 12sets

About the Mechanical aluminum aerospace seats

The aluminum aerospace seats that we made for our client are available in a portfolio of arrangements that provide passenger separation & privacy. The seats can be configured with optional doors to enhance passenger separation & privacy and with a generous set of customizable features to meet a wide range of customer needs.

Rapid CNC aluminum machining

Client is always looking for quick and rapid CNC machining services for their seat mechanical parts with regular finish, when they receive our raw machining parts, they will do post finishing by themselves to save a lot of time. With so many different parts, we do ink marking for each parts and put labels in the packing to ensure every items are distinguished.

Step One: Confirm the quote and lead time

Big projects by rapid CNC aluminum machining always take some time to check and discuss for the cost, machining technology and lead time, after several days for discussing the price and lead time, we are agreed each other for the quote which got closer to client’s budget and planning receive time by 2 batches. BP is always willing to search best ways to help clients meet the budget.

Step Two: Planning production schedule and start CNC programming

We arrange 8 CNC machines to machine the aluminum mechanical parts, and 4 engineers to do the CNC programming, in order to ensure the lead time is without any delay. The most important thing is that there are many big size parts which will need CNC machines with big platform; BP has 4 CNC machines with platform of 1400mm long that can machine these big parts quickly.

Step Three: Start CNC machining with regular machine finish

After setting up the CNC programming on the machines and materials are ready on the platform, the CNC machines start the rough machining, we use tool of big radius to machine the basic shape, then smaller tool to do better surface machining, and in the last step to use the smallest tool that is closest to the radius in the file for the last precision machining, for those corners that requite sharp edges will be done by EDM process, which is a process by brass tool to etching the material slowly until it is the same as the file. Side holes or structure will need to turn sides to machine, if side structures are complicated we will machine directly by 5 axis machines.

Step Four: Inspect the raw machining parts

After removing burrs and sharp edges, as well as the tapping holes are finished, we start to move to the quality checking. QC will check and appearance, dimension measuring, and tapping holes matching. All inspection process have been recorded in the drawings or in CMM system, if there are scratches, will require production to do sanding smooth first then return back to QC to inspect again until all checking results are passed.

BP qualified packing

We have special craftsman to make packing boxes for each orders based on the dimensions of the parts and weight. For heavy big size parts, we make wooden box to pack it well so that parts are been protected during international shipping.


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